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Sample Resume for Fresher

Sample Resume for Fresher


 Name :

Professional Summary :
·         Overall 3.2 years of total IT experience out of which 2+ years of experience as ETL Developer using DataStage Parallel Extender and  1 year experience as SAS programmer.
·         Involved in performance tuning of DataStage jobs at stage level , buffer level.
·         Applied multiple lookups using lookup file set.
·         Used DS manager for nodes creation and dataset management.
·         Good knowledge in data warehouse concepts like Star Schema, Snow Flake, Dimension and Fact tables
·         Implemented Local containers for same job and shared containers for multiple jobs, which have the same business logic.
·         Good domain knowledge in Finance.
·         Worked with Delta data.
·         Performed various activities like import and export of Data Stage Projects.
·         Unit Testing & Integration testing
·         Good Knowledge in Oracle9i

Skill Set


ETL Tools                  : DataStage 7.5 , Datastage 7.5x2
Operating Systems   : MS-DOS, Windows-98/2000/NT/XP, Unix.
Database                   : Oracle 8i, MS-Access, SQL Server 2000.
Languages                 :  SAS 8.0(Base SAS, SAS Access, SAS STAT,SAS EG3.0 )
Designing Tools         : HTML, Java Script, XML



·         MCA  with First Class from  Acharya Nagarjuna University

Experience Summary


  • Working as a ETL Developer
Company  : Satyam Computers, Secunderabad
      Duration     : Feb’ 2006 to Till Date.

  • Worked as a SAS Programmer
Compamny :  SLG Technologies., Bangalore
Duration      : Dec’ 2004 to January 2006.

Professional Experience

#1 Name                    : IBS                                                  Oct’ 2007 – Till Date
     Client                     : RBC
     Team Size              : 5
     Environment         : DataStage7.5X2, Oracle 9i,Unix and Windows 2003.


 Royal Bank of Canada  has 70,000 full-and part-time employees serving 15 million clients through offices in North America and 34 countries around the world, RBC offers a full range of financial products and services of personal and commercial banking, wealth management services, insurance, corporate and investment banking and transactions processing services on a global basis. The  objective of this project is to design and maintain a complete data warehouse system for Royal Bank management. This Project is to provide different reports and support adhoc queries for making intelligent banking decisions based on data available in various branches across the country collected over a period of time.  The activities of the project ranged from data extraction, staging and loading into data warehouse through Datastage to developing end users.
Contribution: As an ETL Developer

  • Used the transformations like Lookup, Filter, Aggregator, transformer in the development of data stage jobs
  • Develop and implement strategies for performance tuning
  • Used Sequential file, Oracle Enterprise,  fileset, datasets, change capture, filter stage for designing the jobs in the DataStage Designer.
  • Used Data Stage Director for running and monitoring & scheduling the jobs.
  • Worked with Data Stage Manager for Export & Import Jobs. 
  • Involved in Unit Testing and integration testing.

#2   Name                :  EDW for General Motors                                      Dec’ 2006 – Sep’ 2007
       Client                :  General Motors
       Team Size        :  6
       Environment   :  DataStage7.5X2, Oracle 9i,Unix and Windows 2003.

GM is the major manufacturer of motor vehicles. The main objective of the project is to outsource the Strategy, Design, Development, Coding, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance of the Enterprise Data warehouse. This Project would cover the subject areas such as Vehicle Product Offering (VPO), Volume Mix Rates (VMR), Posts Structure Cost (PSC), and Account for Production Material (APM) and Control Vehicle Financials (CVF). Data from various source systems is gathered into a staging area,   where data is cleansed and then finally moved into an Enterprise Data warehouse Database. Data Stage 7.5x2 is used for extracting data from various Sources to Staging area; Staging area to DW. Business Objects is used as the reporting tool.
Contribution: As an ETL Developer

·         Mapping Documents, ETL Job Scheduling   and maintenance documents.
·         Performed  import   and export of Data Stage Jobs using DS Manager.
·         Creating jobs   involving   Aggregator, transformer Stages
·         Creating reusable components using shared containers.
  • Integrated Sources from Oracle and Flat Files.
  • Created Data stage Sequencers to run Batch jobs.
  • Used merge, lookup, change capture and transformer.

#3    Name               : MTNL CRM Analytics                 Feb’ 2006 – Nov’ 2006
        Client             : MTNL- Delhi, Mumbai.
        Team Size         : 5
        Environment    : DataStage 5.7X2, Oracle 9i,Unix and Windows 2003.

        The MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) is an Indian Government owned telephone service provider in the cities of Mumbai, Thane, New Delhi and Navi Mumbai in India. The company was a monopoly till 2000 when telecom sector was thrown open to other service providers. The prime aim of the Analytics module in this project is to generate analytical reports for MTNL business analysis purpose. In the process of designing the analytical reports, DW architecture has been designed and implemented using Data Stage as the ETL tool and COGNOS as the OLAP tool.
Contribution: As an ETL Developer

Ø  Transforming, integrating, and loading data into data warehouse database.
Ø  Perform data manipulation using  DataStage transforms .
Ø  Used the Data Stage Director for scheduling, validating, running and monitoring the jobs.
Ø  Create and use DataStage Shared Containers, Local Containers for DS jobs and retrieving   Error log information.

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